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Visiting London?

London is known for its culture, class and endless amount of attractions. If you’re planning a short break in London or work regularly in London, you may be missing out on some of its hidden treasures. London is a diverse city; thriving, historical and welcoming to all with some world famous architecture. The London Eye, opened in 2000, gives you the best seat in the house to drink in London’s stunning buildings and views such as the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben to name two of several famous landmarks. Perhaps you are interested in visiting somewhere a little more historic? London is spectacularly diverse with several places of interests not just being modern, but original and traditional buildings existing within the city too. The Tower of London is one such attraction, a castle built on the north bank of the River Thames. Dating back to the 11th century, The Tower of London is a wonderful place to learn about the history of London and to have the chance to explore an historic building. As well as being used as a prison until around 1100, the Tower of London was also a royal residence.

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The varied and exquisite benefits of Tantric Massage

You may have heard many things about Tantric Massage, but you may not know the varied and exquisite benefits of this massage, an ancient art discovered centuries ago. It will leave you with a feeling of bliss and true invigoration, taking you on a once in a lifetime journey into euphoria, combining ancient spiritual energies and uniting mind, body and soul. A Tantric Massage will replenish your energies and awaken Kundalini, an unconscious energy within you that has the potential of allowing you to experience incredible bliss and enlightenment. Not only will our Tantric Massage leave you feeling relaxed and spiritually enlightened, it will help to ward away anxiety and negativity, allowing you to tap into your healing energies.

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