Tantric Massage after Exploring London’s Theatres

London is world famous for its fantastic culture, night life and beautiful architecture. Millions of tourists flock to the capital city to experience and explore one of Europe’s most loved cities. London has plenty of things to do, including hundreds of theatres where you can experience well known and independent plays from emerging playwrights and also classic plays. There are traditional theatres, known worldwide and plenty of small, quaint theatres for you to explore. The Royal National Theatre, based in South Bank opened in 1976. The theatre has a wide ranging repertoire including Shakespeare, and plays by contemporary playwrights.

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Tantric Massage in Kensington – Fit for Royalty

Try a relaxing tantric massage in Kensington. Kensington is a vibrant, affluent area situated in London. The main focus of Kensington is the upmarket selection of shops in the commercial area of Chelsea  (SW3) and Kensington High street (W8). This shopping area is highly rated, and was once named London’s second best shopping street as it has a wide range of shops available. Located in Kensington is Kensington Palace, the official residence of members of the Royal Family including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Diana, Princess of Wales also resided at Kensington Palace. There are many things to explore at Kensington Palace such as an exhibition exploring the life of Queen Victoria’s extraordinary life at Kensington Palace.

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Unlock your tranquility – the secrets of meditation and Tantra

Meditation is a practice that brings clarity of mind, peacefulness, calmness and relaxation. It includes ways to build internal energy and develop traits such as patience. Meditation is used by many to relax after a hard day and to understand energies of the body better. Some of the earliest mentions of meditation are in the Hindu Vedas texts. Meditation is used in several religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Despite being linked to religious texts and religious practice, meditation does not have to be a religious practice. It is used by many in the Western world to achieve mental and muscle relaxation. Meditation is used by many due to the psychological effects. It is said that as well as relaxation, meditation can increase creativity, helps increase acceptance of oneself and helps change attitudes towards life.

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The life of luxury – London’s hotels

Hotels are a large part of London and its vast tourism would not be possible if it wasn’t for several high class, beautifully designed hotels, each with their own individual history and distinct style. The Dorchester was opened in 1931 and looks over one of the largest parks in London, the famous Hyde Park. During the Second World War, The Dorchester was considered one of London’s safest buildings due to its construction. Winston Churchill stayed at The Dorchester and had a wall built to add privacy to his balcony which can still be seen today.
The Ritz is a 5 star hotel, known world wide. It was opened in 1906 and the architects were Charles Mewes and Arthur Davis. The Ritz was built to resemble Parisian apartments, similar to the Rue de Rivoli in France. The hotel is named after Swiss hotelier Cesar Ritz who developed the hotel and was originally a manager of the Savoy Hotel. Several famous faces have frequented The Ritz including Queen Elizabeth and Charlie Chaplin.

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Tantric Massage and London Nightlife

After dark, the best kept secrets of London nightlife

London has a vibrant nightlife scene, with plenty of famous clubs, bars and comedy and cabaret clubs to choose from. Fabric is world famous and has line ups that have people flocking to the club. Fabric is built on the site of a Victorian meat cellar, making for a truly unique looking venue. It is a diverse club and showcases lots of new talent, not just world famous DJs. If live music is more your thing, KoKo is the heart of Camden nightlife. As well as lots of live bands, it also features regular club nights. It has a history of hosting plenty of iconic bands such as The Clash and Sex Pistols. KoKo was originally a theatre and still has original features of the theatre with a large stage and balconies. London also has several well known comedy venues such as the Comedy Store. The Comedy Store can boast discovering the talents of comedians such as Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Steven Coogan and Adrian Edmonson. As well as modern music, London hosts several different styles of music nights including jazz and house music. Famous cabaret clubs feature world famous burlesque acts, something for all tastes. Shoreditch and Dalston host several sophisticated, trendy and fashionable venues where local independent bands play as well as alternative music nights.

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