The life of luxury – London’s hotels

Hotels are a large part of London and its vast tourism would not be possible if it wasn’t for several high class, beautifully designed hotels, each with their own individual history and distinct style. The Dorchester was opened in 1931 and looks over one of the largest parks in London, the famous Hyde Park. During the Second World War, The Dorchester was considered one of London’s safest buildings due to its construction. Winston Churchill stayed at The Dorchester and had a wall built to add privacy to his balcony which can still be seen today.
The Ritz is a 5 star hotel, known world wide. It was opened in 1906 and the architects were Charles Mewes and Arthur Davis. The Ritz was built to resemble Parisian apartments, similar to the Rue de Rivoli in France. The hotel is named after Swiss hotelier Cesar Ritz who developed the hotel and was originally a manager of the Savoy Hotel. Several famous faces have frequented The Ritz including Queen Elizabeth and Charlie Chaplin.

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