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Beyond Inner Peace; Where Yoga Meets Tantric Massage

Yoga is an ancient art; an exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and the health and purity of the body. Yoga originated in ancient India and is one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy. Variations of yoga also appear in Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. The purpose of yoga is to attain a goal using spiritual energies, however in western countries it is more often used as an exercise program and relaxation routine. Yoga became popular with educated western countries in the mid 19th century, being used as a form of exercise. It is a popular form of exercise with the number of people practicing yoga rising significantly yearly.

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Unlock your tranquility – the secrets of meditation and Tantra

Meditation is a practice that brings clarity of mind, peacefulness, calmness and relaxation. It includes ways to build internal energy and develop traits such as patience. Meditation is used by many to relax after a hard day and to understand energies of the body better. Some of the earliest mentions of meditation are in the Hindu Vedas texts. Meditation is used in several religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Despite being linked to religious texts and religious practice, meditation does not have to be a religious practice. It is used by many in the Western world to achieve mental and muscle relaxation. Meditation is used by many due to the psychological effects. It is said that as well as relaxation, meditation can increase creativity, helps increase acceptance of oneself and helps change attitudes towards life.

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