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The Beautiful Game

As an incredibly diverse and interesting city, London has many sports venues that are open to the public. Attractions at these sports venues include guided tours – an ideal way to get close to the action and discover more about your team and the history of the stadium and area. Many venues also offer self-guided tours that allow you to discover the stadiums in your own time and really soak up the atmosphere. There are many world famous football clubs in the area that allow entry to the dressing rooms and tunnels before match days and very often have tours guided by legends. This means you can not only experience the unseen bits of the football club but you will have a footballing legend guide you around them too!

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The Attractions of London

The attractions of London

It is well known that in London there are plenty of high quality, exciting and fascinating attractions. What is more of a surprise is that many of these world class attractions are free to visit and enjoy. The British Museum is one of the world’s oldest museums and has many attractions and exhibitions for visitors to enjoy. With many free and fascinating exhibitions, the British Museum is an excellent way to discover more and to learn about new topics.

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