London is world famous for its fantastic culture, night life and beautiful architecture. Millions of tourists flock to the capital city to experience and explore one of Europe’s most loved cities. London has plenty of things to do, including hundreds of theatres where you can experience well known and independent plays from emerging playwrights and also classic plays. There are traditional theatres, known worldwide and plenty of small, quaint theatres for you to explore. The Royal National Theatre, based in South Bank opened in 1976. The theatre has a wide ranging repertoire including Shakespeare, and plays by contemporary playwrights. As well as live shows, the theatre also broadcasts plays to cinemas around the world in 22 countries. The theatre has three separate auditoria, meaning that three plays can be shown at the same time allowing variety in their programme. The three auditoria are The Olivier Theatre, named after the theatre’s first artistic director Laurence Olivier, The Lyttelton Theatre and The Cottesloe Theatre. In the summer, there are often open air performances on the riverside forecourt of the theatre. Several well known actors have performed at the theatre including Maggie Smith, Diana Rigg, Judi Dench and Anthony Hopkins. 
The Royal Shakespeare Company is based in Stratford-upon-Avon and performs plays in London, the rest of the UK and also tours internationally. The Royal Shakespeare Company showcases plays from Shakespeare and his contemporaries and aims to inspire a love of Shakespeare in young people, also allowing everyone to explore his work by running several events. The Royal Shakespeare Company have had several famous performers including Laurence Olivier, Vanessa Redgrave, Alan Rickman and David Tennant. 
Shakespeare’s Globe is a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, an Elizabethan playhouse. The original theatre was destroyed in a fire in 1613, rebuilt in 1614 and then finally demolished in 1644. The reconstruction of the Globe Theatre is built around 230 metres from the original site. American director and actor Sam Wanamaker founded the Shakespeare Globe Trust to rebuild the Globe Theatre in London. He raised over ten million dollars in order to rebuild the theatre and was integral to the existence of the project. The theatre was eventually opened in 1997, but unfortunately Sam Wanamaker died before his project was finished in 1993. Several Shakespeare plays are performed at Shakespeare’s Globe every year including A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Macbeth.
The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane square, is a great example of a theatre not just performing classic works, but instead inspiring new playwrights by showing their works. Recently, the theatre has helped develop and encourage international work with the company attending several international festivals. The Royal Court Theatre also participates in Digital Theatre, a project which films stage productions and makes them available for download.
London is incredibly keen to explore and preserve its own culture, but also to inspire and develop international culture at the same time. When visiting London, you will be able to see plays written by ancient, classic playwrights and contemporary British and international playwrights. London is a proud, diverse city and is happily influenced by several different cultures. Theatre isn’t the only way you can explore ancient cultures and art in London; Tantric Massage is popular in Western culture especially in London and is an intense, pleasurable variation of a classic massage. Tantric Massage is an art first mentioned in ancient Hindu scripts, used in religions for centuries for relaxation and spiritual enlightenment. Tantric Massage is used in the modern era for these reasons and more – not only does it aid in relaxation, but it can give you clarity of mind. A clear mind is important in order for you to organise your life effectively and it can help increase productivity and creativity, allowing you to make the most out of your life. 
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