As a couple, you can experience the pure pleasure of a Tantric Massage and as a result your relationship will be taken to the next level, both emotionally and sexually. Tantra Massage is the perfect way to share pleasure with your partner while exploring each others’ sexual energies, becoming closer and having a greater understanding of your sexuality. Tantric Massage can help prolong sexual pleasure and is an excellent and safe way of exploring sexual energies within your relationship. You will feel the sexual energy from your partner as they receive the incredibly pleasurable Tantric Massage, and these energies from your partner will heighten the pleasure you feel. Experiencing a Tantric Massage as a couple is an extremely intimate experience and adds an exciting new element to your relationship. Your masseuses will open up your sensuality, allowing you to experience new pleasures as a couple therefore strengthening the eroticism between you as a couple and improving your sexual experiences with each other from then on.

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Deeply sensual tantric massage sessions for couples with one female and male therapist or two female therapists.

1 hour         £580

1.5 hours    £780

2 hours       £980

3 hours       £1180