Our Tantra Massage gives you the perfect opportunity to explore your sensuality and feminine energies. Allow your male or female masseuse to take you on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and pure pleasure as they tenderly concentrate on your sexual female energies, tapping into positive energies and allowing them to flow through your body. Tantra Massage is a natural, spiritual massage concentrating purely on your feminine energies and pleasure, concentrating on the release of positive energies, leaving you in ecstasy. Our Tantric Massage unites both spiritual and natural energies, creating an experience like no other leaving you fulfilled, pleasured and invigorated. Our masseuses are expertly trained in the art of Tantric Massage, meaning you are guaranteed indescribable pleasure that will leave you wanting to experience it again and again! With your masseuse, you will be guided expertly and sensually through the journey of a Tantric Massage, allowing you to learn so much about your sexual, emotional and spiritual energies. You will feel relaxed, soothed and blissful – your masseuse will take the upmost care, caressing your body and building your sensual energies. The erotic and spiritual release of energies creates an experience that you will never forget.

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Deeply sensual tantra massage sessions for ladies with a female or male therapist.

1 hour        £290

1.5 hours    £390

2 hours       £490

3 hours       £690