For a truly erotic and relaxing experience, a Tantric Massage is a massage that will never be forgotten. Concentrating on your sexual and emotional energies, your masseuse will expertly caress your entire body, stimulating all your senses. Tantra Massage is a freeing experience with your masseuse’s naked body tenderly taking you on a journey of pure bliss. Our masseuses are fully trained in the art of Tantric Massage and are dedicated to giving you pleasure like no other. Our Tantric Massage will not only pleasure and relax you, but it will clear your mind and take you to another level, emotionally and physically. Our Tantric Massage is an intense journey into pleasure and sexuality that you will feel privileged to have experienced. Adding to the pleasure experienced, Tantra Massage will also help you reduce stress and anxiety as it is a truly relaxing and blissful experience, promoting clarity of mind. Your entire body will be caressed tenderly, working on positive emotions and heightening your sensuality and sexuality to leave you with feelings of true ecstasy. The pleasure will build and finally your spiritual and sexual energies will be released, leaving you with an amazingly positive feeling, heightened understanding of your sexuality and memories of a truly unforgettable journey. As well as experiencing a Tantric Massage with one beautiful masseuse, we also offer a four hand Tantric Massage session with two talented masseuses which doubles the pleasure, allowing you to feel untold ecstasy. You will be caressed and your sexual energies explored by four expert hands, tenderly pleasuring your body and never breaking the deep spiritual and sexual connection shared.

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Deeply sensual tantra massage sessions 30 – 45 min of your call in Central London.

1 hour        £290

1.5 hours    £390

2 hours       £490

3 hours       £690