What enters your mind when you think of a massage? Luxury, comfort, relaxation? A Tantric Massage contains all the desirable and relaxing aspects of a classic massage with the added benefit brought to the massage with the ancient teachings of Tantra. A Tantric Massage is a massage of pure luxury and indulgence with a climax like no other leaving you in ecstasy. A Tantric Massage is different to a classic massage in the respect that Tantra Massage not only concentrates on your physical pleasure but also creates a sense of enlightenment with spiritual energies flowing through you, creating an exceptional pleasure like no other. You will feel the delicate touch of your masseuse all over your body, focussing on the areas that allow you to unlock energies previously dormant within your body.
A Tantric Massage cannot be performed by just anyone – it requires a delicate touch and a true understanding of the art of Tantra. Our masseuses are trained expertly in order to provide you with the best Tantric Massage London could possibly offer. From the second your masseuse caresses your skin and you feel the electrifying pleasure of their touch you will realise that you have made the right decision by booking a Tantric Massage. The exceptional service doesn’t begin with your massage, it begins from the second you book your Tantric Massage. Your Tantra Massage will take place in your hotel suite or home, and your therapist will create a relaxing and comfortable environment for you to experience your Tantric Massage in. We understand the importance of comfort, privacy and discretion and your masseuse will make you feel incredibly tranquil as they take you on the wonderful journey of Tantra Massage.
Tantra Massage is an incredibly freeing experience as both you and your masseuse will be naked. This allows you to experience even greater pleasure as you feel your masseuse’s naked body against yours, slowly and sensually building up the immense pleasure. As the pleasure is built upon, it will be apparent that our masseuses have undertaken only the best and most extensive training – there is nothing your masseuse would rather do than ensure only the best Tantric Massage experience for you. Our Tantric Massage does not require you to have any prior knowledge of Tantra as our masseuses are so highly trained they are fully prepared to take you on this incredibly pleasurable journey with no input from you- you are there to just relax and experience ecstasy!
In order to further increase the pleasure, your masseuse will utilise special breathing techniques during your Tantric Massage often seen in Yoga. This allows you to build a deep connection with your masseuse, important when receiving a Tantric Massage. Your masseuse will expertly caress your entire body as a Tantric Massage is a full body experience; no part of your body will be left untouched. This creates a deep sense of tranquility all over your body, leaving you feeling rested and invigorated. As well as the deep relaxation gained from Tantra Massage, a Tantric Massage can teach you more than you ever imagined about your sexuality. You will experience clarity of mind, your libido will increase and you will have a better understanding of your fantasies. Experiencing a Tantric Massage will help to improve any sexual and romantic relationship you have.
The exquisite pleasure of a Tantric Massage isn’t just restricted to one person, you can even experience the ecstasy of Tantra Massage with a partner. This will take your relationship to the next level, allowing you to explore your sexuality and fantasies in a safe environment with an expertly trained masseuse who is dedicated to you and your partner’s pleasure. Your sensuality and eroticism will be unlocked, creating an electrifying flow of energies through your body. Both you and your partner will experience heightened pleasure like never before, allowing you both to become more considerate and able to express your deepest fantasies. Your sexual connection will become deeper as you will have a greater understanding of your sexuality.
A classic massage leaves you feeling rested and relaxed, but why experience only half of what an exquisite Tantric Massage can give you? There is nothing better than the pleasure gained from Tantra Massage so do not settle for anything less – book a Tantric Massage today and it will leave you with pleasurable, luxurious memories of ecstasy that will never be forgotten.