The attractions of London

It is well known that in London there are plenty of high quality, exciting and fascinating attractions. What is more of a surprise is that many of these world class attractions are free to visit and enjoy. The British Museum is one of the world’s oldest museums and has many attractions and exhibitions for visitors to enjoy. With many free and fascinating exhibitions, the British Museum is an excellent way to discover more and to learn about new topics. As well as the free exhibitions, there is also a free reference library. There are many exhibits from different cultures on display at the British Museum, allowing you to learn about ancient cultures such as Aztecs, Incas and Imperial China. There is something for every age at the museum with many activities for children such as making a Shakespeare prop and learning how to make foods from different cultures.

The South Bank is an arts and entertainment district, adjacent to the south bank of the River Thames. The Royal Festival hall, the 2,900 seat venue, is a Grade I listed building. It is a venue used predominately for concerts, dance and talks. The hall has played host to many famous concerts including the 1960 Eurovision Song Contest. The Royal National Theatre and Elizabeth Hall are also in the same district, making it a popular destination for those who wish to experience excellent theatre and music. It is a popular area and very successful and it is thought that part of the success of the area as an attraction is due to the excellent transport links, with several railway stations within walking distance.

Tower Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the world and you can experience its history with the Tower Bridge Exhibition. You are able to walk on the high level walkways, experiencing incredible views of London and you are able to see landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral and St Katharine’s Dock. There is also a chance to see the exhibition Great Bridges of the World. It is a photographic exhibition which features many bridges showcasing excellent engineering. Tower Bridge also has space for events such as weddings – a truly individual and unusual venue for your wedding!

London is known for its fantastic shopping districts. One of London’s most beautiful markets is Columbia Road Flower Market. There are bundles of beautiful flowers being showcased every Sunday, making for a spectacularly attractive market experience. As well as flowers, there are bedding plants, bulbs and even banana trees! Columbia Road began as a pathway where sheep were driven, but was finally built on due to the growing population of London. The flower market was originally on Saturdays, but as the Jewish population of the area grew the market began trading on Sundays. Due to the beautiful colours of the foliage, Columbia Road Flower Market is an unusual and stunning shopping experience.

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