As an incredibly diverse and interesting city, London has many sports venues that are open to the public. Attractions at these sports venues include guided tours – an ideal way to get close to the action and discover more about your team and the history of the stadium and area. Many venues also offer self-guided tours that allow you to discover the stadiums in your own time and really soak up the atmosphere. There are many world famous football clubs in the area that allow entry to the dressing rooms and tunnels before match days and very often have tours guided by legends. This means you can not only experience the unseen bits of the football club but you will have a footballing legend guide you around them too!
The Emirates Stadium is home to Arsenal Football Club and was opened in 2006. It is the third largest football stadium in England and the fourth largest in the United Kingdom. As well as Arsenal’s home football matches, the Emirates hosts music concerts and has hosted international football games. When visiting the Emirates Stadium, you can experience all it has to offer with a self-guided audio tour or a legends tour. The self-guided audio tour comes in many different languages and really heightens your experience as you can hear the roar of the fans as you go down the tunnel. The legends tour is really a once in a lifetime experience as you will be guided around the Emirates by a legend from Arsenal’s history. Legends include Lee Dixon, Charlie George and Kenny Samson. As well as being guided by these legends, you will also receive a free signed photo of the player. As well as the two types of tour, the Emirates Stadium also has a museum where you can learn more about the football club. The interactive museum contains many exhibits including famous football shirts and boots.
Stamford Bridge is located in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and home to Chelsea Football Club. It was opened in 1877 and has a capacity of 41,837 making it the eighth largest stadium in the Premier League. As well as Chelsea’s home football matches, Stamford Bridge has hosted cricket, rugby, American football and baseball. Many important matches have been played at Stamford Bridge such as England international games and FA Cup finals. Guided by a knowledgable tour guide who has a passion for the game you will experience areas normally reserved for top players and it gives you an excellent opportunity to explore the areas your favourite players will get ready in and where motivating team talks take place at half time. You can also view Chelsea memorabilia and many iconic exhibits that make Chelsea the club it is today.
Wembley Stadium is the second largest stadium in Europe and is the home venue of the English national football team. It was opened in 2007 and has a capacity of 90,000. Wembley Stadium doesn’t just play host to football, it hosts many other sports such as American football and also holds music concerts with George Michael being the first music act to play Wembley Stadium. You can tour Wembley Stadium and experience the atmosphere of this iconic stadium. You can see many things such as the Royal Box where you can hold the FA Cup and climb the 107 Trophy Winner’s steps. You can visit the dressing rooms where some iconic English footballers have sat such as David Beckham, John Terry and Steven Gerrard.
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