Self Massage and Tantric Massage

Self-massage gives you the opportunity to release tension and stress wherever you are. When you’re at work, you may need a quick fix in order to relax. Bad posture at work can cause a variety of issues including stiffness and back pain. A self-massage can help relax muscles and increase blood flow to the muscles. A massage can also increase mental energy, concentration and cognitive ability. Ideally you’d have your own personal massage therapist with you everywhere, but obviously that’s not practical! Self-massage doesn’t require any special techniques or equipment – a lot of the time you will have employed some massage techniques without even realising. From rubbing your head when you’re feeling stressed or rubbing tired muscles, these are all self-massage techniques. Every morning and evening, make sure you rub tired muscles to stimulate blood flow and relax yourself after a long day.

After dinner, rubbing your stomach will help digest food. Rubbing your stomach in a clockwise motion stimulates digestion as this is the same direction food moves through your intestine. After a long day at work, relaxation of your legs and feet is important. Gently kneading your leg muscles and feet will help increase blood flow to the tired, aching areas. Self-massage isn’t only for tired arms and legs, you can also massage your eyes if they’re tired from looking at computer screens all day. Gently rubbing your fingers in circular motions around your eye sockets helps to relieve sinus pressure, increases blood flow and helps relieve headaches.

The hands are also an important part of the body to relax. You may find that your hands ache after typing all day. Wrist pain can decrease productivity at work as you may have to take more breaks due to wrist pain. Stretching your fingers and gently pressing each finger from the base to the tip increases circulation. This not only helps the hands, but can also help relieve headaches as the hands contain reflexology points that correspond to points in the body such as the head.

Sometimes you can’t take time out of your busy schedule to relax, but you can use some of these techniques to relax at your desk. To relieve tension and increase productivity at work, gently kneading your shoulders can reduce tension headaches and stress. Sitting at the office all day can cause your legs to ache. There are many exercises you can undertake to reduce poor circulation in your legs including ankle rotations and flexing your feet and ankles. This increases blood flow to your legs and ankles, reducing the likelihood of blood pooling which can occur due to inactivity.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time for self-massage, and it can often be embarrassing in public. For pure relaxation, it is always important to get a professional therapist in order to reap the benefits of a massage. This is why Tantric Massage is the ideal indulgent, luxurious relaxation. During your Tantric Massage you will use special breathing techniques in order to put you into deep relaxation. Your masseuse will expertly guide you through the enlightening journey of Tantra Massage, tapping into your positive energies and creating an electrifying feeling throughout your body. Tantric Massage is an ancient art first described in ancient Hindu texts. Tantra Massage has had centuries to develop and become one of the best ways to relax, having been used for hundreds of years to explore spiritual enlightenment.

A Tantric Massage can help you become more productive and can also increase creativity. The climax of Tantra Massage is one of immense pleasure and incredibly intense. The ecstasy of a Tantric Massage artfully unites your mind, body and spirit. The intense pleasure leaves you with a clear mind, allowing you to concentrate more on tasks, therefore improving your organisational skills and allowing you to succeed in all tasks. Tantra Massage can be beneficial to your sexual health. It can help increase your libido, therefore improving your sexual and romantic relationships. You will learn more about your sexual energies and sexuality, and in turn you will learn more about your partner’s sexuality. In order to learn more, you can experience your Tantric Massage as a couple.

The intense pleasure of a Tantric Massage leaves you wanting to experience more and your expertly trained masseuse will create a deep connection with you in order for you to feel invigorated. To create a more personal experience, your masseuse will arrive at your home or hotel room. They will create an atmosphere ideally suited to a sensual Tantric Massage. Once you have felt the pure delights of a Tantric Massage you will never be able to forget it; Tantra Massage is truly a once in a lifetime experience.