Art therapy is quite a new therapeutic discipline. It can be found in a variety of settings including clinical settings, but it is not restricted to clinical settings – art therapy can be found in art studios and workshops. Art therapists creatively help people to deal with issues such as stress, anxiety and traumatic experiences. Art therapy can also help increase memory and neurosensory abilities. Art therapists are increasingly working with those who have eating disorders as it allows people to communicate non-verbally. Art therapy is a diverse and varied therapeutic discipline as it can be used in many different settings such as schools, out and in-patient facilities and private practices. It can be used to treat mental problems, emotional problems, diseases and disorders and its diversity means it is often preferred to other types of therapy such as music therapy and drama therapy. Another reason it is often preferred to these therapies is the lack of verbal communication needed in art therapy. Many different types of art medium can be used with art therapy such as painting, sculpting, photography and drawing.
Art therapy is completely different from art classes or working on art at home. This is because during an art therapy session, you are asked to concentrate on your inner feelings and work on your imagination. The focus is on expressing your inner emotions and thoughts rather than concentrating on the material world. Art therapy is increasingly found in schools as children have a great interest in art and this allows those with learning disabilities, behavioural problems and speech and language difficulties to express themselves easily. Art therapy can be personalised for each person and their differing needs.
Many people with different disorders and illnesses use art therapy to ease symptoms, relax and ease stress. Art therapy can provide an excellent escape from illness and it can help with the emotional stress of being diagnosed with an illness. Those will poor social skills can also be helped with art therapy. It has been found that art therapy increases confidence and improves social skills and creates a better understanding of emotions in those undertaking it. Many people who have been diagnosed with cancer use art therapy to regain an identity outside of their cancer diagnosis. It can also help them relax, create order in their lives and empower them while creating hope for the future.
Bereaved children can benefit from art therapy as it is a non-verbal way for the children to express themselves and their emotional issues. It also helps with the grieving process and consciously and unconsciously helps children mourn. It has been found that using art therapy as a distraction for sadness can often be beneficial rather than concentrating on venting the sadness. It allows the service users to identify their feelings and work on improving negative moods.
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